1.1 Introduction

Welcome to One Breath Meditation

Welcome to Lesson One of the One Breath Meditation (also referred to as OBM) course. In this lesson, we will cover the core curriculum and ideals, as well as give an overview of the structure of the course. This will be the foundation of your One Breath Meditation journey. 

Thank you for allowing OBM to be part of your journey. Throughout this part of your journey, you will discover that the most powerful tools you need to self improve are already inside you and can be accessed at any time: your breath and mindset. OBM is on a mission to inspire and help change the lives of as many people as possible by helping them leverage the connection between the breath, body, and lifestyle to achieve an unshakeable sense of well-being to move forward past adversity, pain, and trauma. 

One Breath Meditation teaches you to calm your mind, clear the noise of fear and anger, and focus on the present moment in a clear and empowered way. The calm focus of the present moment will allow you to give thanks to your past struggles, as they have given you the strength and tools you will need to carry with you as you move forward.

If you’re constantly searching, Googling, or asking outside sources for advice to your life’s questions and problems, but you never seem to find the answers, OBM will build that trust back into yourself.

If you’re disconnected from friends and family because of tension or conflict, OBM will allow you to feel peace, harmony, and balance again.

If you’re feeling distracted, unmotivated, and anxious, OBM will expand your awareness to experience a new feeling of confidence and momentum. 


Each lesson will take you step-by-step into a journey of integrating meditation into your daily life. There’s no need to clear your mind of all thoughts, spend an hour sitting in silence, or currently have a yoga practice. Even if you’ve never practiced meditation before or feel like you’re “not good at meditation,” the OBM method will open your eyes to a different perspective of the word meditation as it guides you through disconnecting to reconnect. 

We’ll begin with learning about connecting to the breath and practicing mindful breathing. Throughout Level 1, you’ll learn to begin practicing a breath connection, improving your mindset, exploring the senses, and incorporating movement and physical awareness into your calm focus and purpose.

As we move into Level 2, your practice will deepen, and you’ll already be noticing results. You’ll also learn to connect your calm breath to sight as you experience life and the world around you so that you can learn to meditate on the go, at any time, disconnecting from the world around you and reconnecting with your breath and yourself.

In Level 3, you’ll learn to lengthen the exhale of your breath and begin to remove inner noise. Using your voice, you will practice stepping outside your comfort zone with the use of mantras, and build confidence with your breath. 

During Level 4, we’ll discuss mind chatter and some of the ways human beings can struggle with the mind-body-breath connection. We’ll take away the stigma and shame from these struggles and have a better understanding of why meditation and breath connection reprocessing can be a lifesaving tool for people in crisis.

Finally, in Level 5, you’ll learn about negative self-talk, physical pain, and subconscious behaviors. You’ll also learn to balance between actively pushing your comfort zone and taking time to rest with a calm breath, mind, and body. 


Being part of this incredible practice that is changing millions of lives will help you bring about meaningful change in your own life and global community. All OBM practitioners are real people who have brought about growth and change using these tools and are now on a mission to empower other people. 

We’ve developed the tools, training, and support network to help you integrate OBM into your current lifestyle, fitness/wellness service, or with your new journey as an OBM practitioner. Personal results in self-growth will inspire others to begin their own OBM journey.

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