The simple act of breathing can be taken for granted, it is an action we do subconsciously, without thought. Connecting to the breath is important to allow connection to our life source and our emotional energy. When we are babies we intuitively breath correctly, all the way down inflating our belly and exhaling through our mouth. Through school, peers, teachers and trauma can cause you to unlearn this skill reverting to shallow breathing into your chest, therefore losing this connection.

The aim of Level One is to bring you back to your natural breathing performance, train your oxygen capacity to increase without force and teach you how the breath connection can calm and allow you to control your physical, mental and emotional levels.

Choosing to use an open space like the beach and parks during the One Breath Meditation bring higher benefits from the negative ions from the ocean, increased oxygen, the grounding nature with bare feet and also for the continual moving and changing of the ocean and trees. The ocean is a powerful source and I find the stormier the ocean the calmer the mind. The continual movement can be mesmerising with it’s forever changing motion, similar to sitting around a camp fire quietly watching the flames.

One Breath Meditation is a progressive program, you will be taken on a journey to connect with your breath. Using the elements your focus will shift, then draw back again to a strong connection with your breath and yourself in the moment.

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