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"Throughout Our Life We Are Given Tests And Obstacles That Build Up Our Resilience"

Healing Endometriosis Beginning With The Mind

Elizabeth Sullivan’s lifestyle has always been centered on physical health and fitness. A former bikini model of ten years, Elizabeth, 37, now runs her own marketing company, The Sullivan Agency, which provides professional promotional models for events nationwide. She’s always maintained...


Damien Rider TEDx Talk - World's Toughest Endurance Challenge



Resilience Through Pain

Everyone has had the worst day and moment of their life, thinking that it’s impossible to get through or how can I go on, but yet here you are still pushing forward. Throughout our life we are given tests and obstacles, that build up our resilience, but most people are just happy they got...


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve Paddled oceans solo, ran around islands, skateboarding from Chicago to Santa Monica along Route 66 including crossing the Mojave desert at 127 degree non stop for 24 hours, Rode Rickshaw bikes, pushed pick up trucks and even ran a full 26 mile marathon carrying a 37 lbs mattress. Each of...


Route 66

Route 66… the name feels and sounds mythical, doesn’t it? Most Americans I know have many stories of times they spent on the “Mother Road” from Chicago to Santa Monica. If you’re an American born after 1927, chances are, you’ve traveled on it. For we Australians, who live an ocean away, it is...


More Men Seeking Help

Men are becoming more willing to discuss their mental health and are beginning to look further than just a blokes chat at the pub over a pint of beer to answer the questions within.Through my own findings, coaching others for 27 years and working at some of the most amazing fitness / wellness...