Learn How the One Breath Meditation Course Empowers you to Take Charge of Your Life and Overcome the Symptoms of PTSD and Trauma!

Trauma survivors often hold their breath as an unconscious response to anxiety and try to dissociate from the experience. That’s why it’s important to practice calm connection of the breath and progressively become more aware of your body.

Calm connection to your breath combined with awareness of your body, mind, and emotions is what can help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

Taking control of your mind will help you cease negative triggered responses in daily life. And you’ll be able to create a life full of happiness, peace, productivity, and success.

Here are some of the objectives of the OBM Method:

1)   Awareness – becoming aware of how your body reacts to different elements around you and how our senses work within ourselves.

2)   Reprocessing – reprocess the autonomic nervous responses from past triggered events, and your ability to modulate the intensity of emotions and pain that was caused by the trauma and its aftermath.

3)   New Beginnings – at the end of the OBM course, you’d have learned how to overcome trauma responses and take control of your body, mind, and emotions. This will increase your capacity to self-sustain and experience the real trust and joy of yourself and others.

With OBM, it’s possible to integrate your vulnerabilities with a positive connective awareness and turn your trauma into your greatest asset.