Want to learn more about One Breath Meditation?

The OBM Micro bundle package gives you 6 lessons on the basic fundamentals of One Breath Meditation. Expand your knowledge to begin your journey or enhance your existing practice.

Utilize the OBM Micro course as a stepping-stone towards your One Breath Meditation journey.

Enjoy the added bonus of the course with audible, eBook, and video downloads to guide you through a well-rounded understanding of the basics of OBM. 

OBM Micro Course tools for success in your personal life:

✔ Breath connection

✔ Traditional meditation

✔ Exploring the senses

✔ Disconnecting from chaos within

✔ Movement with meditation

It all starts with one breath!

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OBM Micro Course

Intro in OBM plus Bonus Guided Video

Gain a greater understanding of the OBM Method bu accessing the Micro Course. Work through the selected lessons to see if you would like to continue towards the accredited OBM Master Class to become an OBM Coach.